Combi boiler problems

Many householders wonder whether Combi boiler problems are common, before they make their replacement boiler decision.  Combi boilers are the choice of many householders and have the convenience of instant hot water’ when required – within limits.

The combination gas boiler is not new. They have a longer history in Europe but have now become the most common gas boiler in the United Kingdom. A quick check with traditional gas boilers reveals two major divergences which could be the source of combi boiler problems or their advantages. The central heating internal hot water system is sealed. Having no open vents there is no requirement for a feed and enlargement cylinder in the attic. The hot water storage tank can also be spared as the heating boiler will have its own hot water storage vessel.

Combination boiler systems offer many room saving and gas economy advantages for the small-scale household. It is possible to set up a complete central heating and hot water system by purchasing only a gas powered combination gas boiler with a balanced flue. Add in radiators and copper piping and you are then able to heat your home. Your first reaction maybe that we had forgotten some component parts. The hot water storage tank, the feed and enlargement cylinder commonly put in the loft, the central heating pump and other component pieces that central heating and hot water systems seem to need.

Surprisingly a combination heating boiler does not require any of these parts. With a combination boiler you can dispense with the hot water storage tank, there is no requirement for an loft based feed and enlargement tank, the other pieces we have named are in reality built into the combi heating boiler. So you can see with a combination boiler you can save a sizeable amount of space within your home.

Domestic hot water is produced as required, turning on a hot water valve will flag the need to the heating boiler. Cold water is quickly heated up by the use of an efficient heat exchanger. Hot water circulating in the heating system is diverted to the heat exchanger. In this way new mains cold water is quickly heated before reaching the hot water tap. The design and ‘instant on’ hot water from the mains can cause combi boiler problems if you are not careful. You can see how energy efficient this type of boilers are by visiting the efficiency database at SEDBUK, click here.

The compact design and advanced electronics mean that combi boilers are more complex than the average or traditional boiler and this can lead to problems and difficulty for the issue to be diagnosed.

combi boiler problems In hard water areas the combi boiler can scale up, like the element in your kettle. This problem requires the heat exchanger to be descaled regularly or replaced in the worst case analysis.

Instant hot water is not instant, there is a slight lag when you turn on the tap.  Also the hot water can stop flowing when someone else turns on several taps at the same time.  This combi boiler problem can be a real nuisance when you thought that you were taking a hot shower! It has a limited hot water production capacity and no hot water storage cylinder.

The shower and hot tap pressure is generated by the mains supply rather than the header pressure from a hot water tank in the loft.  This works well until the summer hosepipe issues arise, when the water companies reduce water pressure.

The sealed system may not be fully sealed and leak pressure over time.  When this happens you will need to top up the water pressure through the combi filling loop.

So combi boilers have problems but remember they have many advantages for a smaller family in a smaller home. The important fact is to ensure that a combi boiler is the right type of boiler for your home and that it is installed by a reputable boiler installer so that you do not have issues with it in the future.

Combi boiler prices

Do not be embarrassed to ask, combi boiler prices are an important part of any new boiler purchase. When looking at the purchase of a new or replacement combi boiler for your central heating system one of the first matters you will think about is the cost. The type of gas boiler you currently have installed will influence the cost of your new central heating boiler fitting, choosing a different type will complicate the installation and inflate the costs. There are different types of gas fired boiler. Whilst the price of the central heating boiler will be about seven hundred pounds or higher the required installation work can cost several times this amount. If the fitting work also involves radiators and or heating programmers this price will escalate and the actual combi boiler price will only be a part of the total installation cost.

To build your knowledge of the prices of combi boilers, and the full cost of fitting the boiler, get several boiler quotations from reputable boiler installers and ensure that you compare their comparative efficiency – how much they cost to run each year. Energy costs are continually rising and total gas consumed by your combi boiler over its lifespan will cost a considerable amount. The SEDBUK rating will allow you to compare the relative boiler efficiencies. A more energy efficient central heating boiler may be slightly more expensive but this could save you sizeable amounts over its lifetime.

Before you complete the purchase also check to see if there are some grants available or sale offers as these are often advertised. combi boiler prices Again make sure that you understand the full cost of the installation. National suppliers like nPower or British Gas often send a heating advisor to your home to prepare a quote. This is not a problem, it will ensure your quote for the combi boiler price is accurate and reflects the true cost of fitting the boiler or central heating system in your home taking into account the installation challenges. Every home and hence every installation is different.

The government’s warm front grant is worth consideration as it can furnish a grant of up to £2700 for those on social security living in England and reduce the combi boiler prices. Heating rebate scheme grants are available are those aged over 60. If you qualify for this it can amount up to three hundred pounds. Make sure that the boiler quote includes these grants if available.

Superior heating boiler installers also provide funding schemes and you might want to look at one of these. Zero per cent funding or buy now pay later offers are often accessible reducing the lifetime cost of a combi. Some of the schemes will offer flexibility in the repayment schedule. You should make sure that you get help in assessing how much of these schemes cost over the repayment lifespan. Some schemes can cost up to thirty per cent extra. Also speak to your bank manager, you could get a much improved rate on a loan from your bank to fund your boiler installation and get your combi boiler at a low price.

Combi boiler installation without problems

Combi boiler installation can be achieved without problems if you select your combi installer with care. There are many in the UK and you have a wide choice.

There are various types of condensing gas fired boiler and one main type is the combination gas fired boiler or combi boiler. It renders water when needed and is the most popular form of gas fired boiler in the UK.

Combi boilers cannot be installed in all homes and you should have a heating study finished before you buy one of this type. The heating installer will ensure that your proposed fitting complies with the latest building regulations. There are various reasons why it is more challenging to install a contemporary condensing boiler and replace an orthodox heating boiler.

If you install a combi boiler your flue exhaust gases will be heavier as they are not as hot and an easily seen condensation plume can result outside from the exhaust pipe as the gases quickly condense. The output gases can then create wet areas near to the outlet, this impact is not restricted to your house and can spill over on to neighboring properties, or worse still the plume can cause problems for people passing by if the flue is badly positioned. There are recommended minimum heights and output flue position guidelines which must be observed.

The design prerequisites for a combi gas boiler flue are different from old boilers and your current flue may not be suitable. To complete the installation you could find that the flue will need to be changed. You cannot share a condensing gas fired boiler flue with any other non-condensing gas appliance.

combi boiler prices A clear condensate forms within the heating boiler, and must be able to be released to a suitable drain or soakaway.

Do not worry, most of these potential set up issues can easily be overcome. A good fitter will know of these remedies and can advise you on the best approach to your combi boiler installation. These additional installation costs should be taken into the life cost assessment of the gas boiler.

On the plus side you do have some alternatives for where your new heating boiler is set up. A change of gas boiler location is often necessary. If your existing boiler was an open flue or back boiler this will definitely be the case. They are often missing an external flue.

Providing you do not set up the gas boiler in the main living room most other rooms are acceptable. In addition to the kitchen or utility room often the attic or sleeping rooms are sometimes used for gas fired boiler fitting. Correct ventilation is essential.

Putting the gas boiler in the attic often saves room and it is possible providing that the gas boiler is a sealed system. In this situation the loft has to have a drop down loft ladder attached to the hatch. The attic would need to have adequate lighting and a boarded floor to enable access to the gas fired boiler. These requirements are so that subsequent maintenance and servicing can be performed by a central heating engineer.

New Gas Boiler – Deciding on the Best System For Your Home

Researching and selecting the best kind of gas boiler for your home’s needs may perhaps seem to be a complicated and challenging decision. There are many varieties of gas boiler and plenty of heating boiler installers plus UK manufacturers, so the choice can be bewildering. Illustrations of the choice available include a condensing combi domestic boiler or condensing boiler. Despite the options available, with a little knowledge about heating boiler systems, you can identify the sort of gas boiler that is most suited for your household.

Many people concentrate on finding the least expensive boiler but this could be nonsensical and actually cost more. The cost of a gas boiler installation is much more than the preliminary charge for the gas boiler. In addition to the initial cost the lifetime efficiency of your gas boiler might make a large divergence to the final costs of the heating system bills over the years and months. There are different types of gas boiler for a very good reason, they meet different demands and not every house has the same design or needs.

To choose the most appropriate gas boiler for your home you need to think about the needs of the family. Do you need more than one tap to operate hot water at any given moment? For illustration, when you have a dwelling with multiple bath rooms a few domestic boilers, such as a combi heating boiler, will simply permit one hot tap to work at one time. So whenever you run an additional hot tap or bath you might not have enough hot water from most combi boilers, in this situation you would need a regular boiler. A regular boiler has a store of hot water to enable it to meet a large and sudden demand for hot water from several taps.

Present day combination gas boilers utilised for gas heating systems are the top selling heating boilers in the United Kingdom. They are efficient and convenient. They supply limitless warm water without the requirement to keep water in a tank. They warm your water on demand instead of heating the water tank and wasting energy. Theyre tiny and easy to select an area to deploy the boiler. The airing cupboard is the most popular space to position them but they may very well be fitted on an outside wall within the kitchen. These heating boilers are very cost-effective yet are only suitable to homes with one bathroom as basically one hot tap or bathtub will be run at one time.

Sealed boiler systems that are also called system heating boilers are more suited to homes with multiple bathrooms and larger families. With this sort of gas domestic boiler you can run a couple of hot taps or showers at any one period. They do involve fitting a storage cylinder of water and also once the hot water is exhausted your tank will then have to be heated entirely before any more water can be utilised. In this type of heating system the hot water tank will release heat over the years that means this gas boiler is just not as efficient as a combi boiler. Condensing heating boilers do not squander as much energy as older non-condensing boilers. Whenever you choose to install a new central heating boiler you will get one of these new cost effective condensing heating boilers; as heating boiler fitters will not be allowed to install older central heating boiler styles with out a very good reason.

Other sites which give information on selecting the best combi boilers are:

Youll need advice on the size and dimensions of gas boiler that is needed in your household. To fully grasp what is better for your home check by asking a heating boiler installer for a non obligation quotation. Npower plus British Gas have heating boiler and heating system advisors who can visit the home to action a survey and provide you a no fee quote for the gas boiler installation and fitting cost. It is worth requesting both businesses to provide a quote and notice what they have to say. This approach should make sure you get the finest central heating boiler for your demands plus have in mind what the genuine gas boiler installation fees will be.