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Combi Boiler how to choose?

It doesn’t matter what season; combi is the savior of every season! The selection of combi boilers that can operate with natural gas or LPG fuel types and which does not require the use of an extra water heater by heating the area and heating the water is very important because of the tasks it undertakes. Let’s get to know the combi boilers before talking about what to look for in the combi boiler.

Boiler Types
We must first say that it is very important to be informed about the types of combi boilers in choosing the right combi boiler. The classifications of the boilers can be in many areas. Combi boilers and combi boilers are at the top of the classifications that you should pay attention to when buying a boiler.

Combi boilers according to gas usage situation: They are divided into conventional combi boilers and condensing combi boilers. So, how do these combi boilers use gas and which class combi is more suitable for you?

The conventional combi boilers burn the gas into energy and discharge the waste gas from the chimney. But at this stage, the temperature of the water vapor in the waste gas that is discharged is also out of the boiler. However, condensing combi boilers, by means of their technologies, convert this vapor into water and transfer them to the radiators. In other words, it should be no surprise that we have heard so much of the condensing combi boilers that have the maximum benefit from fuel. It is also worth noting that condensing combi boilers protect your nature more than help you save money.

Combi Boilers According to the Condition of Dropping: These SMEs; chimneys are divided into two as combi boilers and hermetic combi boilers. It is considered as one of the biggest differences between the two types because it is easy to dispose of waste gas thanks to the fan inside the hermetic combi boilers, but this system does not exist in the chimney combi boilers. The combi boilers take the air from the environment and the hermetic combi boilers take it from the outside. A blockage in the chimneys can cause damage to individuals due to chimneys. Hermetic combi boilers are more preferred because they are easy to use and safer in every home.

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