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Pay attention to them when buying a boiler

Which combi is which house?

There are three important criteria in the combi boiler selection. The square meter of the house, the direction and floor. But the fact that the radiator warms the house, not the combi boiler. Therefore, you should choose the correct radiator so that the radiator can be heated by the thermal value of the boiler. On an area of ​​80-90 square meters, 17 thousand kilocaloric combi boilers, on an area of ​​90-150 square meters, 20 thousand kilocaloric combi boilers, and for places above 150 square meters and 24 thousand 6 thousand kilocalories combi boilers are suitable.

Whether the insulation is good or not is important in the selection of boiler. First of all, make sure that you have sufficient technical service and spare parts. The quiet operation of the boiler is also an important point. Pay attention to the complaints and praise of your acquaintances. Check the warranty and insurance of the companies for their devices. Be aware of TSE, CE and ISO 9002 certification. Open the outer cover and look inside. Select the most stingy in the fuel. Be sure to review the type and thermal capacity of the appliance by reviewing your apartment. Do not take your device without complete engineering work (such as heat calculation, chimney analysis). Be sure to mount it to an authorized dealer.

Combi dictionary

Vented combi boiler: Vented combi boilers; During the combustion, they take the required oxygen from the environment and throw out the waste gases formed at the end of the combustion by means of a suitable chimney. It is very important that the chimneys are made according to standards and that they are sealed.

Hermetic Combi Boiler: The air required for combustion in hermetic combi boilers is discharged from the outer atmosphere by a fan kit and the waste gas generated by the combustion is thrown into the atmosphere by the same system. There is no need to ventilate the environment because no ambient air is used during combustion.

Condensing boiler: With the Turbo heat exchanger system, the waste gas temperature is reduced and the energy of the water vapor generated by the combustion is restored to the system. While the yield from normal combi boilers is between 80-90 percent, it is between 105 and 109 percent in condensing combi boilers. ~

Don’t skip them!

You burn as much as you use, you pay as much as you can. No separate equipment is required for hot water. They work quietly, take up little space and move easily. All kinds of measures and devices taken by TSE have been taken against the flame extinguishing, gas leakage, excessive temperature and coldness, chimney reaction and chimney failure. The boilers can be kept open for 24 hours by adjusting the day and night temperatures from the automatic control panel. To switch the boiler on and off in a short time and repeat this operation repeatedly; it may cause more fuel consumption and a decrease in the life of the device. Instead, the boiler; Continuously operating at a low setting will provide less fuel consumption.

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