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Why Condensing Combi?

What is condensing combi?
The condensation of a gaseous substance into the liquid environment is called condensation. Devices that increase the total efficiency by recovering the energy of the steam in the water vapor of the flue gas, which emerges as a result of burning of natural gas and which will be taken out of the chimney, are called condensing combi.

Why should I prefer condensing combi boiler?
Efficiency is higher than in classic combi boilers. This results in lower fuel consumption. It has low flue gas temperatures. Adjusts the flame size according to the need, it works with modulation without stop / go. Thanks to fan modulation, high combustion efficiency is obtained due to the amount of gas consumed and much quieter operation is ensured. It is more environmentally friendly with lower emission (CO and NOx) ratios.

What should I pay attention to when buying condensing combi boilers?
The product with a high price does not mean quality products. When you buy, the less you pay compared to the classic combi boilers, the more money you pay, the shorter the difference you pay. Since condensing devices are high technology products, brand and manufacturer are very important. Although there is less possibility of malfunctions, a strong service network should still be preferred.

How soon can I profit?
Although the condensing combi boiler will make a lower gas consumption than the standard combi boiler, it will pay its first investment cost in a short period of 1-3 years, although it varies according to usage, and you can pass the land by paying less natural gas bill during its economic life.

Which type of installations can I use?
It is suitable for all kinds of heating systems such as underfloor heating and radiator system even if it is 5 meters.

How much space can I heat?
For the normal conditions, which are not bad for Istanbul conditions and isolation, the areas which can be calculated as practical are as follows.

Up to 140 m² up to 20,000 kcal / h
Up to 200 m² 26 26,000 kcal / h

In case of working below 50 degrees; In normal combi boilers, efficiency is reduced up to 79% and in condensing combi boilers up to 109%, thus saving 30%.
To whom and how to install?
You have to assemble your condensing combi boiler in accordance with the technical specifications of the gas distribution company.

What should I pay attention to in installation?
In order to ensure that the condensate formed during the condensation will be released safely from the environment, the condensate must be connected to the closed drain. If the condensing combi is installed on the balcony, the balcony must be closed.

How long is the economic life and warranty period?
The economic life determined by the Ministry of Industry and Trade is 10 years and we hope you will use condensing device for many years. We advise you to have your service repaired before the winter. The warranty period is between 2-10 years according to the brand and you can purchase additional 2 years annual warranty.

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